Subhadra, is it?

What? He asked, taken aback by the sudden affrighting question.

Look, I know okay. Her name is Subhadra, isn’t it?


Is she pretty? How pretty is she?

No more than you

Better not be

She kidnapped me, it’s not my fault

You’re joking right? You can’t be serious right now

I’m sorry, Panchali. I really am

Sorry doesn’t cut it

You’re right, it doesn’t

That’s better. Keep talking

You have every right to be mad. Please tell me what you have to say

We’re together because you can aim an arrow at the eye of a fish pinned to the ceiling by merely looking at its reflection in a pool of oil on the ground. What is your obsession with aiming at eyes anyway? As if that wasn’t enough, I had to then share you with 4 other men because apparently, that’s your thing too. So what is it? Are you bored of your prize now? Went looking for a new one and got lucky?


Shut up, I’m not done. And I accept you, like the naïve fool that I am. I see glory, despite harrowing despair. Do you know the life I’ve signed up for? And now you’ve piled this on. I’ve forgiven all of you for any and all sins you may have committed before this. It doesn’t bother me if you had lovers in the past or moments the likes of which we may never share. Because I wasn’t there when it happened and I don’t care that it did. But now you’ve gotten close to someone else and while we’re still together. I know I shouldn’t even feel slighted. I’m Draupadi born from the sacred fire. I don’t need your undivided attention that no dead beast’s eye is safe from. Know this, you do not have mine either. This is the grim precedent we’ve set for ages to come; Do you not see how inadequate this makes me feel?

You’re right. I’ve wronged you. Can’t make excuses like a coward now. I’m ready to bear any consequences you deem fit.

Here’s what you don’t understand, I’m no one to forgive you. This is your journey and you have my unconditional love through it. I want you to be happy and if this is the decision you’ve made then I lost the any right I had to feel offended long ago. You deal with this now.