I really don’t get what the big deal is. I don’t get why people are always saying that she’s the love of his life while I’m the one he settled for.


But I married you! You’re the one!


Yeah, but I feel like a consolation prize sometimes. It’s not easy living up to the high bar someone else has already set before you. What am I supposed to do if she was so awesome and everyone just wants to talk about that? It’s annoying. I’m here now, so let’s talk about me instead!


Look, why are we even talking about this. It was so long ago. Even I don’t think about it anymore, he lied.


You won’t get it. You won’t get what it is like to be the one after the love story. You get to be the love story, every time. It’s easy to be loved but loving is hard and you get no credit for it. Everyone is always saying Radha Krishna. Radha was the one. Her love is true unconditional love. What about mine? Why does no one talk about Rukmini’s unconditional love? Why is it not glamourous enough? I’m sorry there isn’t enough drama in my life to keep people hooked. I feel like a runner up.


You’re the one who gets to have me. You’re the one I choose, every day. Even on days when nothing goes right for me, I know that I have you and it’s a feeling that doesn’t need the glorification of poetry and drama. It’s the ease of it all. The ease with with I can talk to you even without saying a word. The ease of being able to divulge all my secrets to you with just a blush. The ease of knowing that you’re standing next to me at all times, even if when we’re not together! I can smell your hair as soon as I think of you. Why would poets waste their time on this simplicity when forbidden love makes for a such an exhilarating tale? But you’re the one I want to talk about and discuss these exhilarating tales with. You get to share my past, my present and my future with me. It’s a longer story than any man has learnt to tell in words.


Instantly she was reminded why she had fallen in love with the man who gave up everything for her. Even true love.