It’s a great time to have opinions so here goes:

Perhaps the single biggest institutional failure on the part of authorities and governments across the world is the sheer lack of education delivery systems. The schooling systems worldwide are largely broken, despite the presence of the IITs and Stanfords and Oxfords of the world.

In the last 50 years, when were were in the wake of two world wars, instead of breeding a generation of educated, liberal thinkers, we’ve become ageneration that voted for the brexit, may vote for trump and may vote again for a government that thinks banning beef and artists from working in films will help solve the world’s problems.

Dear US, instead of sending thousands of troops to war torn third world countries, why not send a few hundred educators and counsellors and troops in equal proportions? Or us, instead of conducting surgical strikes and banning their artists, why not build a school of drama and art there and help open the minds of our people who haven’t gotten a chance to yet.

It’s because we don’t have the teachers. We have troops – it’s a glamourous, respectful job. Being an educator though, isn’t. My mother is a primary school teacher and I see how unglamourous and underappreciated her job is, underneath all the respect and teachers day gifts.

Creating a generation of educators will help solve so many problems, seemingly on autopilot. Our collective educated intelligence will cure cancer and defeat terrorism. But we need teachers and for that, we need to appreciate and stand up for the ones we have now. Just like we stand up for our troops every time someone says something mean about them.