We conform our universe to another person’s imagination and ideas. We act out, get bitter and say horrible things that can’t ever be taken back. We get so riled up about silly things that don’t matter while the real monsters creep up from behind and sweep us off the floor. Why do we put ourselves through this? Over and over again, till we fall down only to get up again because we’re masochists.

We are the generation that wants everything. During the day we want sanskaars, love of our parents and the community that sustains us, we want to save the planet and be responsible. But at night, we want to rage. We want to let go of everything that holds us down and tells us it can’t be done. It’s not youthful unabashedness, it’s just a sense of knowing so much more than any other generation before us has collectively known and experienced. Our collective reality is a wonderful gift that we get to enjoy the most with iphones and ubers and tinder and youtube.

Today everyone is in a position to go out that make the choices in life that are best for them. Not too long ago, you were dealt a bad hand by life and there really wasn’t much you could do about it. Today we have archers with no hands taking part in the Olympics. A little girl who lives in Chembur is the biggest k pop fan there is for miles and miles around her.

So then why do we get so petty and short sighted? What holds us back from loving freely and recklessly? Why do we not embrace the possibilities around us to create the life that we want instead of the one we get? Why not change and learn and grow instead of being a rock that just stays put in history not moving or evolving or absorbing the experiences around it. We are the sum total of all our experiences, so go out and make more everyday. Shine bright like a diamond doston.