Every civilisation has interpreted climatic changes differently; the only common link is that there’s never been a time when we’ve been as indifferent to climate change as we are today.

Our very own civilisation was not late to the party at all, we have our own stories to tell from our glorious past of how Tansen could charm the weather with his vocal dexterity into taking the form that he desired and even much earlier in the Mahabharata era of non fiction, archaeologically corroborated by B. R. Chopra’s television show of the same name where protagonists could cause anything from rain to thunderstorm to garlands and shiny disco balls to emanate from a divine arrow. Yeah, climate’s always kinda been our bitch.

But this not true anymore and as much as we ever delight in glorifying our past, the planet around is cracking under the siege of humanity that is now catastrophically more than it has ever been.

So the next time you book an air conditioned sedan just for yourself or throw away perfectly good food that you just weren’t in the mood for, under stand that you’re part of the problem and it behooves you to make up for it in some way, at the very least. By thinking about what you’ve done, at the very least.

I write this a voice of the sustainable community and every time this is discussed, liked or shared, our community grows stronger and the cause becomes a movement. We’re not asking anyone to change anything at present but simply spare a thought for the beautiful people that surround you and why it won’t be the worst idea to for all of them to have a planet that isn’t submerged in water.