For some time now I have known that women are the next stage of human evolution. They are intelligent, sensitive creatures who mature faster than us men, stay mature for much longer, make better decisions and are truly the kind of nurturing, caregivers that can carry a generation of people forward in time.

If women were in charge of things, we would have so much less suffering and so much more peace. We would discriminate less, be more compassionate and willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. There wouldn’t be so much starvation and disparity in the world. There wouldn’t be so much needless hatred and violence.

Here’s the thing though – men know all of this; we’ve known for a while and so we’ve tried to oppress and torment and scare and discourage and hold them down. And it’s worked too, because there is a whole lot of us out there and our collective existence can be quite annoying.

We’re a lot of selfish, petty, insecure wankers – some more so than others. The world is changing though, and it is changing fast. Perhaps we will all evolve into this next stage as a species while I am still alive. Perhaps it will take longer and I won’t get to see it, but make no mistake – it is only a matter of time.

I want to thank the many women who have been kind enough to let me be a part of their wonderful lives. Women like my mum, Neeta and so many other mums that raised wonderful children who grew up and became the people that I admire and adore. The list of all these people is endless but what they all have in common are the mums who I’m so, so grateful to.