I wonder, despite having a desk job where essentially all I do is write. A small part of me is occupied by the task at hand; which could be anything from writing a blog for an insurance portal or helping Abby with a copy for a post. But I’m not really writing am I?

No I’m not. I’m repurposing already available thoughts & snippets into a variation that is just as bland and uninsightful as the host & all the parasites to feed the uninspired and unmotivated. Because that’s just what we’ve become as a civilization, haven’t we?

We’re in the midst of a serious culture clash. It’s hard to miss, really. The world is split between people who are tolerant of others & accept differences and people who feel entitled; entitled to complaining, getting offended, being unreasonable, acting selfish and for whatever reasons: poor parenting, mental conditioning, academic failure, being white, whatever.


Being one of the former, I’m constantly feeling undermined and discontent with all this around me and it makes me wonder, as I type out another bland and uninsightful article about rock climbing or something – Why am I not writing today?