While the practicality of shifting the IPL out of drought hit Maharashtra is not lost on me and saving those 6,000,000 liters of water would do some good for our farmers, are we missing the larger point here?

Droughts didn’t start happening only after the IPL started. Not to mention, the IPL despite all the allegations of both confirmed & unconfirmed evils that form its very fabric is not such a bad thing to happen to the country. It boosts tourism, creates jobs and inspires middle class blue collar proletariat to work hard to pay for his son’s coaching so one day he can proudly say that “my son plays in the IPL”.

If we only go by the logic that any state that has water shortage should not host IPL matches, then only Cherrapunji will be able to host the IPL.


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. We’re all obsessed (and have been for a while now), with making babies. Many, many god awful babies. Many people will use babies to rekindle their marriage, or to give them a reason to work hard or whatever. It doesn’t matter.

The IPL is not to blame for the destruction of the planet. Global Warming was already happening before the IPL started and will continue to happen long after the IPL is gone.

In 2008, when the IPL was launched, India’s population was 1.175 billion. It is now 1.32 billion. That’s why there is water shortage. And poverty. And starvation. Because we can’t stop shooting babies out our rear end. It’s got to stop.

If you know someone who’s having a second kid they’re not equipped to have, STOP them. If you know someone who’s having even one kid they‘re not equipped to have, STOP them.

And if you know someone who’s having their third kid, or worse fourth or fifth, FUCKING RUN THEM OVER WITH YOUR CAR. THEY HAVE GOT TO GO.

Shifting the IPL is like putting a Band-Aid on a malignant tumor and then saying to the draught hit, cancer stricken farmer “Walk it off dude”