Dear Narendra,

As a fellow citizen of this fascinating country that you have been entrusted to lead, I must say, I trusted you too. Not in any way that made a difference (by that I mean that I found myself in the half that didn’t vote), but I am a proud taxpayer and I strongly advocate payment of tax, because no matter who you vote for, a government needs money to function.

Regardless, I rooted for you, against my better judgment. Not because you’re pro development, (which you’re not, because the Gujarat development model is flawed), not because we needed “change” (because then I would’ve voted for AAP, and lord knows their development model is flawed), not because I’m a hindu and it is my sworn duty to root for the BJP, and certainly not because I believe in your party’s politics of hate.

No, I rooted for you notwithstanding my pro Congress household and against my better judgment because on some level I believed that underneath that seemingly extremist, pompous, vain, genocidal, intolerant exterior, there lies somewhere an intelligent man capable of inspiring a nation of youth to do great things: An intelligent man who understands that nations aren’t built on subsidies & farmers, but on the concrete back of an educated workforce that is capable of bringing about real change that transforms us from a country of dark villages to a nation of vibrant cities.

I saw your ability to connect with the grassroots of the Indian diaspora even if I had an issue with the classless approach you took. I saw our country’s need for a true leader of the masses and you being the closest thing we have to it. I saw an economy struggling to deliver its basic function and the need for economic reform that only a drastic change in the polity at the centre could bring about. I saw that for whatever reasons, my fellow citizens seemed to resonate with your campaign and the writing was on the wall for the world to see. I saw all this and raised you my freedom & my future as a tax paying, young member of the workforce.

Then I saw that your campaign never ended. You’re clearly more in love with the idea of being the leader of this country that actually leading her. Instead of wasting little time and fixing the mess, you wasted little time showing your true colours of hate and intolerance. You wasted little time watering your RSS roots and planting seeds of hate. You wasted little time in booking a world tour and living out your lifetime dream of being a rockstar instead of governing a country that needed a leader and asked for one, in no uncertain terms.

Nearly a third of your term in power is coming to an end and all you’ve seemingly accomplished is a ban on porn, a ban on beef, here a ban there a ban, everywhere a ban ban while fixed deposit interest rates are at an all-time low, the tax bracket & inflation rates remain unchanged, because hey, middle class apna khayal khud rakhe, right?

Let me get this straight, I’m supposed to give up my LPG subsidy but the parliament canteen subsidies rice plates for MPs? MPs who make public statements like:

“give birth to four children to protect the Hindu religion”

“those who oppose prime minister candiate Narendra Modi should leave India as their place will be in Pakistan.”

“Hindustan is a Hindu nation and Hindutva is the identity of our nation. And it (Hinduism) can incorporate others (religions)in itself”

“had Rajiv Gandhi married a Nigerian woman and had she not been of white skin, would the Congress party have accepted her as a leader?”

Khair, Ye thi mere mann ki baat. Kisi din chai pe charcha karte hain.