The utter garbage that Indian TV spews out a daily basis is revolting and obnoxious. Whether it’s the news or reality shows or comedy or drama or devotional or pretty much anything; the message is clear – take the filth we shove down your throat silently because we’re too lazy to take this insanely powerful medium that literally reaches crores of people at any given point and do something even remotely meaningful with it.

At any given point, a woman is either is either outraged or crying or being slapped. This gives birth to loud slapstick comedy centered around it and inspires the millions watching this garbage to commit similar atrocities on the women in their life and this in turn makes the news. It’s a viscous cycle of promoting idiocy so just enough people remain illiterate and the demand for this substandard squalor is sustained.

It’s not even about the content. There cannot always be quality entertainment because there’s too many platforms that simultaneously deliver content. So no, when I turn on the idiot box or see what’s on it in passing, I don’t expect to be educated or something that opens my mind to higher level of perception, not for 300 bucks a month. But I don’t expect my intelligence to be insulted routinely with an unforgiving propensity that consumes every last thread of my patience.


I know this rant won’t change anything. This is probably not the proverbial epiphany that TV producers and networks were waiting for to get off their asses and answer to their screaming conscience. This is a mere transition from being a passive consumer to an an unapologetic armchair critic. But feel free to start a movement or something like that. Cheers!