I’m offended. No, seriously, I am.  I am offended that you are famous than I am. I am offended that you did something that I didn’t think of. Most of all, I am offended by the fact that the general public didn’t have a problem with the things you said.

I guess it is easier to piggyback on someone else’s fame and find flaws than go ahead and do something. What else can explain the huge debate over the AIB Roast? A show that clearly was for consenting adults, to consenting adults and by consenting adults? A show that you either had to pay to watch live or actively search for online. No one shoved it down your throat forcibly unlike say, when someone gets raped and yet, the Roast is the only thing that is affecting ‘Bhartiya Sanskaar’. Clearly, issues like rape and abuse are not as important as swearing in public.*rolls eyes*. Comedy, is supposed to be taken in good humour, it is supposed to make you question and think, it is supposed to bring up taboo subjects and start a discussion on the same. If it doesn’t appeal to you, you always have the right to stop watching it but you don’t have the right to collectively decide what is good for the moral fabric or not. For all those who are talking about the damage AIB is causing, do you know that India is currently ranked #5 in overall traffic to porn websites? Do you also know that “indian bhabhi” is among the top 5 searched terms on Pornhub?

One of the upholders of our ‘moral culture’ Mr Ashoke Pandit said that ““Karan Johar could have easily shown his position while performing sex to his mom at home instead of making it public.#AIB Porn Show”. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but how is this in keeping with our ‘moral system’. It further surprises me that they believe that our ‘SSanskar’ is so fragile and corruptible that it is in constant need of protection (see what I did there? SS?) As a consumer of such content, we probably are just as depraved in-front of their eyes. An Indian who watches such filth?! Hawwww. Even washing our eyes and ears with bleach won’t help us. Who cares if such words are a part of everyday conversation? It is the ‘western culture’ that is out to get us, regardless of the fact that we have just as many swear words in our own Indian languages..


The #AIB Movement

The irony is, that our protectors are the very ones who don’t stand up for us when we actually require their support. You want to uphold ‘Sanskaar’, build toilets so that people don’t have to answer nature’s call in public, start teaching men that women are not just second class objects. Start taking up genuine issues like poverty, lack of education and corruption and for once, stop being an chutiya (see? I Swore in Hindi! No western culture here!) Maybe once you start doing all this, then we’ll learn to respect you for taking care of ‘Mother India’.

– Bharathi Bala