Every stanza begins with a preposition here, because i ain’t gonna be chained by rules of grammar

If indeed I died a man troubled death come to me brusque as hale today I moan they cry tomorrow I cry day after smile they’re gone.

Or instead I lived unto demise foreseen by all but me of fears nestled in tomorrow and the years to come am I better now than the day before

Athwart we move traversing through this continuum of spaces and time excluding matter or does it cease to?

Following, failing, falling, perishing resurrecting, rinsing, repeating the cycle like tide periodic harmonic and simple

Given what is sought as ideas germinate from deep within over spectacles exceptional expiring constantly like zygote per chance

Atop the crag of greed I’m perched patronizing till the sight converges to a dot of vision impaired clouded not by orographic stratocumulus

During times of war and wars of time the wager plummets ebbing more and flowing less

But the picture is now visible binocularly through the periphery like a mirage of clarity to what avail it’s time to go

At what cost was it acquired procured so sedulously and what then became eventually did we not all die the hale and the snowflake end up in a puddle holding hands akin to bonds of hydrogen