Religion, god and things related are bullshit.

We did not descend into this world collectively as a humanity evolving through time just to serve one God. The ratio of the time we spend physically existing as a consciousness from the embryo to ashes, to that before our existence and after is infinitesimal, relatively speaking. We’re not there for ages and ages and then we’re there for a fraction of a second compared to when we’re not there and then we go back to not being there for ages and ages. So why all the fuss?

Religion was designed as a prototype for science. Way before man could hypothesize, postulate and theorize via scientific exaction and laboratorial inferences, the idea that there exists one God to please whom we must spend every waking and sleeping instant was rudely shoved into our lives for far too long. It is only recently that larger numbers of the proletariat have come to question the validity of this obsolete institution. But maybe that’s taking it too far. People who must rely on faith to do the right thing may freely do so.

Laws of physics will show that the sum total of energy in the universe is a fixed constant. We all contribute to the transfer of energy everyday. We are all just propagating flashes of energy in the grand scheme of things. Just a vivid, surreal flash. A dream. And no more.

People like to call this sum total of energy as God. The strife to achieve stability just like that inside atoms and molecules is termed religion. Craving stability is okay. It’s natural. Then there are those who claim that they don’t believe in God but they’re spiritual. That one’s my favorite. Admitting that there is no physical entity called God, just a higher power i admitting that you don’t believe God exists. So why all the fuss?