This list the yang to my previously complied yang. Some of these women are doing ground breaking television and it’s about time someone stood up and appreciated them by way of making a top 10 list on their highly underrated blog. Here’s to you, ladies.


Stephanie McMahon


Call it a crush, call it the culmination of all my love of wrestling combined with my love for women, or call it the sheer awesomeness she exudes from ever fiber of her being. Stephanie McMahon is a Goddess of a wrestler, a Goddess of a lady, a Goddess of a businesswoman and mother of 3 daughters. She is without a second thought the most magnificent woman on TV. Here’s her twitter feed.



Hannah Horvath


Yes. Girls is one of my favorite shows. It’s dark, edgy, funny, absurd and very very relatable. Lena Dunham, if you’re reading this  – I want to be you. I want to be reincarnated as you. I want to spend all my life’s savings drinking coffee with you in Copenhagen.



Nancy Botwin


I haven’t seen breaking bad but I’ve heard the comparisons made with Weeds. Weeds was a great show that ended perfectly on time and had just enough twists in the plot to keep you hooked. Mary-Louise Parker’s Nancy Botwin was an incredible, gritty role encompassing everything a mother goes through, mothers who sell drugs anyway.


Liz Lemon


Has there been any list about awesome women on TV that didn’t include Tina Fey? Well, this one’s not gonna be an exception. Liz Lemon is secretly every guy’s fantasy. Every guy.


Leslie Knope


And what list that included Tina Fey didn’t have Amy Poehler? The leading lady of Parks and Recreation definitely makes the cut because it’s a funny show that’s evolved and actually gotten funnier. It’s got a brilliant cast and doesn’t overdo the emo quotient.




It’s a difficult role, on a dark, unpredictable show. Playing the leading lady to Louis C.K is challenging in many ways but Pamela Adlon does it to perfection. It’s a very different role from that of Marcy Runkle, which probably should’ve made the list too.


Lisa Cuddy


It’s tough playing the figure of authority to House and most people would get it wrong. You need to know when to play good cop and when to play bad cop. It was going to be either her or Shirley Schmidt from Boston Legal, after some deliberation Lisa Edelstein made the cut.


Jessa Johansson


She’s on Girls, she’s british and she’s probably the best looking woman on TV in a long time. The devil may care attitude, impulse wedding and fatally attractive persona and dialogues put her on the list.


Violet “Vod” Nordstrom

Zawe Ashton as Vod

It is really nice to have a female character who is not always repenting their sins, who is sexually out there and slightly gross at times – there are a lot of sins that Vod should be repenting but she’s never made to do that. She has been allowed to develop and figure out things about herself and where she is in the world. I read that somewhere here and it made sense to me in such totality I was blown away.


Joan P. Harris


Christina Hendricks, sigh. The best part is, she’s an incredible actress too. Mad Men is hinged on Joan as much as it is on Don Draper. While we’re on the subject, what happened to that gay guy?