Shelley and I, hooked up one day

Out of the blue on a lonely Saturday

We were troubled, us two so far away

But it had to be and we found a way

Imagination ran wild, like glorious tempest

There’d been times when we had been tempted

But temptation, cruel mistress can’t be exempted

So dirty deeds were done when a moment presented

The darkness inside, and Neanderthal lust

Oh kiss me please! kiss me you must

Explore my contours, don’t spare a teat

Till the penultimate shove and final thrust

It started innocently, as most things do

At first, her gorgeous red lips withdrew

Withdrawal is the first sign of acceptance

And all acceptance does lead to denial

Now it’s back to the way it was, mundane

I’ll never know of her or what she became

All i have is that night, when furiously she came

There’s unfinished business between Shelley and I