Ravi Shastri walks into a bar you guys
On a pretty woman he lays his eyes

Bartender says Here’s your martini, shaken not stirred
Shastri says, thanks! That’s just what the doctor ordered

The woman looks at Shastri, So you’re a doctor then?

Nah, he says. By day I just commentate
But at night, Wanna go out on a date?

I once hit six sixes in an over, They call me Shaz
Said the lady, I watch TV so it’s more like spaz

The 70s called, Vintage porn wants the moustache back
Said Shaz, Oh come now, At least in effort I don’t lack

That’s true and I guess you are kinda cute
And you don’t half bad in that black suit

Later that night things got so heated
Even Kamaal R Khan live tweeted

Come back to bed honey, my loins are on fire!
Later woman! This match is going down to the wire