An Ointment of grief crystallising into a scab that stabs my consciousness eating away the force the will the motivation to get through the day in manners and fashions laid down by the fascists imposing exposing their scientific blend of frightening idiocy the sounds are just noises made by porpoises your fins and sins and grins at wins so baseless ceaseless striving contriving trivialising my lowly existence slowly you fuckers i see your debauchery and your mockery your prosthetic proclivities the insignificant nativities your insensitivities and raise you my cavities formed by the brevities of incitement and enticement even if ever so reticent notwithstanding the neutralities oh the lethalities, the fatalities that terminated needlessly so many propagations and polymerizations

The ointment of grief is spreading across the scab that stabs i’m dreading heading toward that place in space persistently finding myself part of the rat race constantly having to ace these rats around me We’re mice perishing at the roll of a dice engaging raging waging the unrelenting conquest to suffice for what? a slice a grain of rice a shard of ice no flavor no spice till our ultimate demise this madness unravelling through the mess the stress duress expressing impressing failing derailing and trailing this sadness travelling into the abyss like downtrodden blind rodents wound up by a brass key coiled up like a steel spring retention of the tension is the prevention of the abrupt expiration and obstruct and obliterate life that will disrupt needlessly so many propagations and polymerizations of these isomers and allotropes we were all just misnomers

There once was a phase that’s now a haze my love ablaze so strange deranged estranged I eschew the few with who I pranced in exuberance and danced in the rain on the soggy terrain lain like dew on the grass or a mass fused like a stain on cloth infused by vigor I refused to defuse or fizzle away like the drizzle it ended as all things do she bid me adieu

The ointment of grief the belief in relief from these crystallising scabs stabbing dabbing gnawing numbing dumbing reality is frailty faulty growing throwing fits and seizures from fissures erupting from inside me the tumor my humor is rumor this cancer taking over my body my skin is all a scab this existence is drab grotesque ghastly and lastly my cerebellum rotting blotting clots and clotting blots this disease must appease those who do as they please those pretenders monsters marauders Why did you not complain harder in spurts or blurts Squirts of pus are all that remain this rant I vent I’m spent take me take the others take us all this final call my wherewithal is small the mice have nibbled away and tasted my malignancy as is their shameful tendency this sickness affliction discombobulates coagulates as I postulate in vain my pain i drain refrain from succumbing to the succubus of the incumbency of tyranny.