“You have on more than one occasion tried and come dangerously close to wiping my clan off the face of the earth.Our children are taught to fear you before picking up a bow. But this cause is not worthy of your interjection. Your aura must pass on to he who shall take birth in this epoch and you will remain a third reflection of your once fierce and might prowess.”

“I don’t recall you being so impudent Dev, your vow has made you arrogant”

“It is not my vow but the completion of education under you that renders me proud. Do you recall making me a greater warrior than yourself even?”

“I recall breaking a vow of my own when I accepted you as a student. Do you know why?”

“No. And I’ve often wondered that exact same thing”

“The Goddess descended from Mahadev’s hair onto this earth, your mother, beseeched me to accept you. The most terrible of vows must make an exception on a woman’s behest. Not even I can overrule this fundamental governing idea of life. She brings life into this world and in return for that, she is allowed to take from us what she pleases.”

“I am, O enlightened Bhargava, a mere mortal capable of making a mistake. Your dilemma lies in that even though you stand for what is right, I cannot be defeated in battle”

“The teacher can never be ordinary Dev, both creation and annihilation of society frolic in his lap! Victory in battle befits a warrior but as you pointed out this is not a battle I’m fighting as a brahmin attempting to destroy a kshatriya, this is a brahmin in a role that suits him best, a teacher”

“Then teach on the battlefield!”

On that very battlefield, Dev would find himself in a position similar to his guru. The teacher smiled at the realization.  


A breathtaking sight unveiled on the kurukshetra. On it’s two ends stood the mighty warrior Bhishma standing on his platinum chariot driven by 4 white horses gleaming in armour wielding a bow and on the other stood the brahmin warrior Parashuram incarnation of the supreme being barefeet, the notorious axe tucked into his waistband and a thread adorned his chest from shoulder to hip forming the most impenetrable armour ever known. The twang of his bowstring made oceanbed tremble.

“I cannot fight you, for I am clad in armour and seated on a chariot. It is against my principles” Bhishma said with folded hands bowing in obeisance to his guru.

“Mother earth is my chariot, i can explore the universe that I created on it. The goddess of knowledge Saraswati is my armour that protects me from any weapon that has ever been conceived. Prepare for battle, may victory be yours!”