Men, greater and lesser have performed severe penance and undergone terrible austerities

To become worthy of asking the gods for the gift of immortality and conquer all disparities

Immortality was granted to some, consensually achieved by some, to some by methods adverse

Only one man however must bear his immortality like a cross because he got it by a curse


Some have died with the illusion of it. Least death was kind enough to them to feel such pity!

I decay with the passing of time just like everything does for nothing was meant to be so gritty

To escape death or cheat it; Welcome it instead it for she will liberate thee to an elevated plane

Don’t be fooled by the foolish men who yearn to live on forever, there’s nothing to gain but pain


There’s nothing to gain but pain from my wounds and the pus seeps from them ceaselessly

I wipe, I dab, I’ve tried all forms of surgery but everything’s been a perjury as I toil fruitlessly

This forehead that once was bore a gem embedded into my flesh, always hidden by my crown

Over centuries has transformed into a grotesque bruise with nothing but scabs to hide my frown


I rot away, just rotting, never dying – such is my fate unto the end of time and such is the price

That any man who in a moment of weakness committed a heinous, unforgivable act of cowardice

Must pay so others learn to never again repeat what I did for which I serve as a ghastly reminder

Fueled by a desire for retribution, such was the nature of my crimes that nothing could be unkinder


As I contemplate my decisions and weigh them against the punishment received by you, dear God

I cannot help but raise questions about forgiveness and apathy and wonder if it seems at all odd

That for my anger, I begot this horrible curse but didn’t you also in a moment of spontaneous rage

Act in a manner that didn’t consider that the consequences unto me bear no measure or gauge


Why must I suffer forever if my actions do not affect the people they were directed at anymore?

Lessons have been learnt, reparations made, forgive me now lord I’m severely blistered and sore

I live in a time where what I did is commonplace, they now celebrate the sins that are akin to mine

When I was young, we fought a war over a disrespected woman, who these men routinely malign