I have descended onto this earth from Bramha who created this universe after himself. I am the fruit begotten from the seeds of the supreme creator and the mother of knowledge. I was not born to live an ordinary life and perish as a mere historical footnote. Diluting me a hundred times still yielded a warrior of unparalleled might and prowess. I was destined to rule this world and in the end I will, whether the means justify it or not.

Saying so, he paced before the mirror in what was a daily ritual of narcissistic indulgence he fed himself like food and air.

I haven’t lived a life devoid of perseverance. I have strived constantly to make myself worthy of this responsibility. When my time is finally here, I will not look foolish to the people who call me king. I will do what none of my predecessors could. I shall be the nonpareil emperor of mankind and all civilization. Comparisons will be made with me for I shall be incomparable. Few understand the burden I have to live with. I have made these shoulders broad and this chest stronger by tearing it repeatedly with weights that could crush the spines of elephants. I am stronger than any one man who lives.

Saying so, he admired his physique like a sculptor admires the intricacy of his handwork.

What weapon have I not mastered the use of? I am a better archer than anyone of those foolish cousins of mine. Only Balaram can wield the mace like I can. I can wrestle wild boars blindfolded. No one man is as capable as I for the supreme creator in all his infinite wisdom didn’t dare to create another like me. Utopia remains a distant dream because weak men rule the earth. I am tactful, skillful and merciful.

Saying so, he effortlessly lifted his mace and practiced a swing and return.

My virtues know no bounds. I respect my elders to extent they should be respected. I obey my teachers and heed their advice when they make sense. I help my friends and forgive their mistakes. I do not judge men by their birth for not everyone is fortunate like me. Anyone who make himself worthy of their fortune should be supported in his endeavor. I chose Karna because he is faithful and strives hard to please me. I punish my enemies for they must be punished by strong willed men for there to be order in this world. Every sin must be accounted for and every sinner must pay. That impudent woman who walks around like she leads a righteous life, how dare she insult me and my father in whose land she lives, the land that will be mind soon. They all shall pay for their misdeeds. Those who are loyal to me shall be rewarded and those opposing shall be dispensed.

Saying so, he inhaled a deep breath of conceited glory.

I do not endorse trickery. I do not wish to win my kingdom over a silly game. But I shouldn’t have to win it in the first place. It is mine and I am its ruler. A smart man uses all the means at his disposal. If Sakuni can get me what I want without shedding a single drop of blood, I am doing my country and everyone involved a favor. I shall have my revenge, my kingdom and personally decide what gets written down in history books. It’s no secret I can defeat all my enemies in battle. Intelligence is never mistaken for cowardice. I know better than to indulge in savagery. But punish them I must. Exact what is owed to me, I must.

Saying so, he shattered the mirror with his arrogant blinding glare and set out to take his first steps towards his ultimately nihilistic destruction.