Let me preface this post by writing that I am in fact a Congress supporter which I parenthetically find the need to clarify is not tantamount to being a Rahul Gandhi fan. I do like him better than Narendra Modi though, in most respects and that’s as much as you should know about my pre-existing political inclinations.

I read an article recently by Vinita Nangia (link included) that spoke about how we’re basically setting Rahul Gandhi up for failure and how his interview with Arnab Goswami hadn’t even ended before the lampooning began. Narendra Modi asks him what he’s accomplished in ten years of being around. Well, lets see. Ten years ago, he was in his mid-thirties. Few men accomplish a great deal in their mid-thirties and even fewer if they’re politicians.

The Congress has had a bittersweet 8 years at the center. They’ve done some good work and the results are there for everyone to see. Sure, there’ve been more than a few rapes and scams and it’s only fair that they bear the repercussions of it happening on their watch. It is perhaps more interesting to note that more than India needs a more dynamic government in power (which the BJP may or may not be), she needs a better opposition at the center. An opposition that’s constructive in its opposition. And whether the Congress is the best option for governance at this juncture or not, it will certainly make for a great opposing party in the present political scenario. At least that’s the image Rahul Gandhi gives.


The role of an intelligent and productive opposition is often taken for granted in politics and that statement by no means excludes the BJP. Which, in spite of being inexcusable is excused because politics is about power. The Congress Party needs to show the opposition how it’s done, by that I mean opposition.