Hey there genius!

Ever wonder what is it that keeps pulling you back, almost like a force of attraction, a kind of magnetism even. For centuries, humans everywhere have wondered and yet no one has quite been able to figure out exactly what it is. Well, I think it’s been too long and i cannot let the misconception float around any longer. Something’s gotta give.

So here’s what, later today you’ll be sitting alone on a bench in the park (like you do) and something quite commonplace will happen. Let’s just say that an apple will fall from a tree. If and when that happens, don’t act surprised. Instead, ask yourself a question you or probably someone else probably should have ages ago. A rather simple question: Why did the apple fall down. Or for that matter, why does anything that falls come down instead of, i dunno fly towards the sky or project along a tangent. You’ll find that the answer will be quite interesting.

Conceptually yours,