Here’s a philosophy that I live by and vehemently defend and preach at the presentation of the slightest opportunity or pretext (admittedly, sometimes even without one). I’m not too proud of it either, and I’ll be honest, sometimes I do take it too far. But my deep rooted belief in it compels me and what’s a man without beliefs?

Apologies, sincere or not are worth precious little. They soothe the pain, embalm the wound and in the rarest of rare cases, suffice. But soothing or embalming are often merely first aid. The wound still needs to be treated. It’s like when you break a bone – holding an ice pack over it keeps it from swelling but when the ice has melted and all is said and done, nothing’s really done. The bone, possibly more than one is still broken. How’d you feel if the orthopedic just went “Here, have an ice pack. Now don’t be such a girl. Walk it off.” Would you take his advice and walk it off? Would you walk off a broken collar bone?

P.S: The writer writes this from personal experience of having broken a collar bone himself. Take a moment to appreciate the authenticity and commitment to this blog. as Nietzsche claims, that a philosopher, to deserve our respect, must preach by example.

No, you wouldn’t. You’d sue the contrite bastard for medical negligence. You’d sue the hospital for all it’s got. And you’d be perfectly justified in doing so too. Similarly, if a friend of yours promised to drop you to the airport, cancelled last minute and said sorry, that doesn’t help. Sorry doesn’t come with free jetpack that takes you to the airport in time. Because if it did, you wouldn’t need to go to the airport in the first place. You have a jetpack, remember?

Personally, I don’t give a flying fuck if you’re sorry or not. If you fucked up, make up for it. Shove your sorry up your rectum and mule it across continents for all I care. Unless you made up for it, my bone’s still broken. And I don’t take very kindly to that sort of thing. If you cancel on plans, reschedule. Apologies don’t make up for not hanging out. Apologies don’t make up for shit. Hence, the “stick it in your shithole” analogy.

People will give you a whole bunch of crap about how saying sorry is an admission of guilt, it reflects maturity and responsibility…blah blah. Well if you trip a blind guy by accident, then yeah, say sorry. Then help him up. Don’t just say sorry and leave the poor sightless bastard on the floor. What if he broke a bone or something? What then? Are you just gonna give him an ice pack and say “Hey, don’t be such a girl. Walk it off.”

Only jerks say sorry. Next time you hear someone say it, they’re a jerk. Remember this. I would know. I’m an unapologetic jerk myself. Take a moment to appreciate the authenticity and commitment to this blog.