It’s a world full of perversions, and there’s hardly ever the big ending that we hope for. If you break it down, all perversion is a fantasy of a gratifying act that builds up to a big ending, a climax, if you will. Such is the psychology of man (and women too, with just an elevated degree of lingering and multiplicity) but the fundamental governing principle remains the same because wise, unwise or doubly wise, we’re all homo sapiens. For those less evolved, it translates to a more rudimentary chase-catch-kill paradigm, which too is followed by a private and sometimes shared, more communal savoring of the catch (an orgy of sorts) but we all are in pursuit of a big ending that life conveniently deprives us of, more often than not.


In this process of deprivation, we’ve come to exalt the little big endings, notwithstanding the oxymoron (and moronity, as is abundantly on display publicly and on social media). This lack of climaxes has resulted in the elevation and rise of several much smaller and insignificant climactic installments that mean less than nothing and don’t add up to anything either. But there is an illusion that we fool ourselves with every day that it does. The falsity could not be more apparent but the alternatives are few. Such is the grossly over populated world we live in. Such are the consequences of competitive perversion.

The problem isn’t that the climaxes are inadequate, it’s that there’s just too many of them. Just when you think you’ve had that one proverbial, defining big ending to a conglomeration of hard work and/or efforts, there’s someone, somewhere, very close to you topping it. The life span of the big ending is diminishing and therefore, so is its worth.

Indifference, while in no way a solution serves as the best coping mechanism and the most efficient survival tactic. Strategic indifference is the answer. Because approving every little climactic installment that comes along, makes you either a suck-up or a phony. Or both. Feigning indifference strategically is perhaps intelligence’s answer to this idiocy and dilution of the importance of accomplishment. In an increasingly documented world where often we stage spontaneity, be strategically indifferent. If nothing, to counteract the illusion that many small climaxes add p to one big ending.