For the first time in several days today when I woke up, you weren’t there. You have been, the past few days and these past few days have been great. I haven’t been having the best time of late either, which you know of course. It’s why I sought you out to begin with. I almost didn’t find you too but sometimes, some things are meant to be and I hope to have that kind luck more often.

We weren’t all that lucky too. People saw us together on the road, judging us, probing us with uncomfortable gazes, not minding their business and letting us just be. You need to know, you are my solace and I possibly couldn’t live without you or live as well as I have. I know I don’t treat you very nicely but that’s the nature of our relationship.

I feel fine right now writing this, knowing that I could have you if I wanted but I’ve grown wiser with time as man should. I need you but I’ll just make some coffee and let time linger on, waiting until the next time you touch my lips.

Miss you lots,


P.S: I see you when I close my eyes.


P.S deux: The authors of this blog do not endorse the use of marijuana. Thank you for reading.