Dexter fans will appreciate this. My need to write is like my dark passenger. It is an urge that takes you over. It leaves you overcome, heading towards a climax, much like sexual gratification. Or in the case of literotica, EXACTLY like sexual gratification. In the interest of being less distant, and in doing so, voluntarily stepping out of my comfort zone, I proceed to tell you about these unrelated encounters.

The bus stop outside platform no. 1 of VT station, or actually a series of bus stops there on the footpath that runs parallel to the footpath that houses The Times of India Building is situated under the shade of trees in the vicinity. Every day I walk out of the train that arrives on platform no. 1 onto the footpath. One day, late afternoon a man was having a argument with a woman. The nature of their relationship seemed connubial, seemed. Both must’ve been in their 20s. This is what I was able to gather in the few seconds my gaze met the two of them.

He was in the middle of this underplayed but heated argument with her and bam! He just slapped her, right there, on the road. Not many saw it. But I almost exclusively saw that bit. It was rather sick. And she just looked back at him in disgust, grabbing her cheek in silence. Not many saw this either. It was fascinating how that one reaction captures such a large part of India.

A while ago, while returning from a comedy show from the Canvas Laugh Factory I hailed a cab, somewhere close to midnight and rose back home in blissful nocturnal loveliness. At some point near Marine Drive, I got chatting with the cabbie as I do. Because one gets bored, In cabs. Especially after one has just performed comedy and made a sizeable multitude of reasonably intelligent people who happened to be arbitrary strangers immediately prior to some financial exchange, one happens to be pumped.

So yeah, this dude starts ranting every which way about political parties, talking about getting lavish offers of being a private chauffeur but choosing this and going Sonia R**nd hai. Rahul ^&!!#%$. And since I happen to read newspapers, I was trying to bring some logic to the table. And then we reached home. And then he said while some financial exchange took place “Saheb, Ayodhya mein Babur paida hua tha ya Bhagwan Ram?”

And took my change and fled the crime scene!

It was fascinating how that one reaction captures such a large part of India.

Now I’m thinking Narendra Modi’s gonna take 2014.

Cabbie two is a smaller anecdote. What? I don’t take cab rides to write blog posts. So yeah, cabbie two was a Muslim gentleman that obliged me a few days later in his cab. He had a ṭāqīyah on and was sporting a seemingly untamed beard. An elderly gentleman too, as I looked at him during the short conversation I had with him about potholes or something. So he said in reply to something I can’t presently recall “Rahul Gandhi ka dimag hi is desh ko aage lejayega” and I remember concurring. It was fascinating how that one reaction captures such a large part of India.

Now, I’m thinking it may just be Congress after all.