This post was written while I was waiting for a game to download (Yes, I torrent games and no, piracy isn’t the same as stealing.)And all I could think of were powers that would make my life way easier. Sure, having laser eyes is fun, but let’s be honest, who really needs that in their day to day lives?  So, without much ado, here’s a list of powers that I would love to have!

1)      Teleportation: Why, you ask? Ever travelled in Mumbai?  It is an amazing place, but God! The traffic is monstrous and the trains are always jam packed! Now, teleportation would make sure I reach my destination on time with my hair in place. Vacations will always be a breeze. No need to book tickets or waste time at long queues.

2)      Telekinesis:  To be able to control objects and people?! That is just plain amazing. Rearranging the furniture would be easy and bullies can be made to float in air.  Also, I never again would have to search for that elusive book or pair of socks. Yes, I’m lazy and I know it.

3)      Healing: Not only will it make you the world’s darling but you’ll also be able to earn a lot of good karma. The medical industry may hate or love you depending upon how you play your cards. The only time it would lead to a bit of awkwardness is when to reach to punch someone and inadvertently end up healing them.

4)      Technopathy:  Simply put, this is the ability to control technology and considering today’s times, isn’t it awesome! For people who like power, this means that indirectly you can control the world. Make machines do your bidding. Either destroy circuits or enhance them! Also, that afore mentioned game would already be running in my laptop by now.

5)      Telepathy: If technopathy sounded like fun, then you’ll like this even more! Telepathy deals with the ability to read manipulate and control minds. A power that can be used both for good or evil. You could either stop a terrorist from bombing a city or get the people of a country to listen to you. Be a dictator of sorts. The only drawback being that the number of thoughts or rather the thoughts of people could drive you insane.

6)      Adaptability:  This would make sure that you can adapt to any physical or mental condition. Stressed at work? You will be able to adapt to it. Underwater? You’ll be able to swim like a fish. Working at high altitudes? Your lung power will automatically increase.  This is one skill that will have a lot of practical uses.

7)      Mimicry: as the name suggests mimicry lets you mimic a certain power. Now, doesn’t that speak for itself? You can have virtually any power you want as long as you come in contact with a person who possesses it. Pyrokinetics, telepathy, shape shifting! Name it and you’ll have it but if you are the only one with a super power, then well, you are doomed. It is equal to not having a power. Poor you.

As an afterthought, I think I definitely want the ability to materialize 3D objects from 2D images/videos. Imagine being able to eat the dishes they create on the multitude of cooking shows! Yeah, that certainly would make me very happy.

– Bharathi Bala for notsolittlejohnny