“The reds will destroy everything. They don’t call him man of steel for nothing du arschloch! Der Fuhrer is gone mad. Don’t you get it Ludwig? Don’t you see it man?”

Another one spoke up in the heat of the moment. “Is true. Das crazi man will shoot himself in ze faackhing brain. EE will put a bullet in his faackhinn ed”. The man called Ludwig simply looked on.

“I suppose that is his solution to everything. Shoot em in ze faackhinn ed”

“They tried to kill him.” Ludwig finally said. “How’d that work out? Eh? And for faahk’s sake. You’re a foreigner. In a time of war. Go home fred.”

“Lud, this land is as much mine as it is yours. I swear on me mum’s life. I ain’t goin. But you know this, you know this Lud that when the fuckin’ army comes…you know what’s gonna happen Lud”

“WELL WHAT ZE FAHK ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO? Sit around and wait like some kind of jew piece of kacke.”

“Don’t you think they’ve paid for their sins?”

“Nein. I dzon’t. Fakh zhose priks. Fakhing jew cunts”


“Aye Fahk Ludwig Beck. Go kuss arsch. Zhat man is crazi. Ee fakhin wears a gown to bed! He doesn’t wear a shirt.”


“Du Ogwash! Ee dreams, Zis Fakher Ludwig Beck fahkin enables im. WE are all going to die. Undzerstand?”