This planet, over time has sustained a certain magnitude of population that we are now hugely and I mean, grossly, exorbitantly, frightfully exceeding. Everyday. For the past century, if not more. Not to be a scaremonger but there cannot be any denying the very real, reasonable probability that someday, something has to give. It’s why entire civilizations of modern history have collectively felt the need to believe in the concept of a doomsday. We snub it, disregard it. Because we’re arrogant, so arrogant that we believe that we’re above it. That these things are rooted in religion and religion is full of anomalies. But atheists have always been around and yet, collectively, as  a population, peoples have been established to have believed in doomsday as a sacrament, almost as an inevitable consequence of our “sins”.

Let’s say “sins” are a quantifiable quantity (lol, tity). let’s say we can measure this bastard. Now if say at the beginning of time, when only a few good men and a few unfortunate ladies existed (let’s just by-pass the evolution vs religion *ahem..bullshi..ahem*) So yeah, the men, they fucked these ladies and more of them happened and this continued. But every now and then, because there weren’t too many of them, certain natural things like plagues, were made by “God” or bad hygiene practices (did you know that it wasn’t until a couple hundred years ago that we didn’t know that surgery should be performed using clean hands and instruments and so a LOT, and I mean a whole bunch would consistently be neutralized by these ancient medical malpractices.).

Were made to maintain a certain magnitude of population. In pockets all over the globe. Just like today. But through time there have been mechanisms of destruction that “took care of the situation”. But that’s not happening anymore, is it? We’ve systematically eliminated them one by one. Hitler is probably the last one in recent memory that does justice to the situation. Too bad he selected just one particular group of people to do it too. Should have gone more diverse and maybe today we’d be heralding him as a messiah. No,you chut. That would make us fucking Nazis.

Point is, Very very soon, something’s gotta give. Because our physical existence is getting too hard to sustain for what is only just a spec compared to what it’s contained in. And those are the proportions we should abide too. Because that’s what’s constant if you think about it. That’s what has always been there, unchanged (well, somewhat changed). The smart will call it science the stupid, god but when physical existence becomes too hard, there comes something the latter insinuates in modern history as “doomsday” or in fiction as it’s more commonly referred to as “apocalypse”.

So if you cannot establish, beyond all reasonable doubt that a doomsday will not occur within the time frame of our existence, for whatever reasons it be or whatever be it’s causes. Can you say, given our current trend of consumption patterns and propensities, that we can agree, beyond all reasonable doubt that the plague we so conveniently eliminated was not essential to our existence as it is lethal to our life?