Psst.. Psst.. You there! Don’t look at me like that! Oh, wait, I’m in the past! No wonder you are looking at me like I’m some piece of scrap metal. So, hi! How goes it? Like it here? You’ll have to, what option do you have anyway? Not like you can escape and visit a different timeline with me. Yes, you guessed it right, I am a time machine of sorts, not the best one can get but pretty up there in terms of all the basic functionalities. I could explain how I work but then you would have to be killed and that could end up causing a few issues so let us just stick to the things I’ve seen and know, shall we?

Contrary to what you think, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. We require special clearances and specific, valid reasons to be able to travel through time. There are rules to be followed. We can’t alter or change the past no matter how much it bothers us. In fact one of the major fears of our age is that of rogue travellers. Of course wrong and right exist! We are still humans not angels. Not much has changed in that front.

As my owner happens to be a professor of Anthropology and History I lucked out.  I get to travel through various eras. There is nothing like being able to witness historic events first hand. I probably think my most favourite era is London in the later part of the 17th century and the earlier part of 18th century. A time, when there was as rich a back story as there was potential. A time, when thanks to the rise of coffee houses and the lapsing of The Licensing Act political debates became common place. We could see the birth of the stock market and witness the invention of insurance as we know it. Pick up copies of newton’s principia and various economic texts that could be understood as they were still pretty generalist. Ah, I loved that journey!

Wow, I talk a lot. Aren’t you already bored by all the things I have to say? It almost sounds like a history lesson. I would indeed love to tell you about the future since you’ve been such a patient listener but unfortunately, I haven’t really visited it.  Ironically, even though it is easier to travel into the future than into the past, very few have actually explored it. I guess it is because now that humans have a method to accurately look into it, they aren’t enamoured by it anymore. Instead the idea that they are truly masters of their own fate scares them. Yeah, humans are just as complex as they used to be even though they have evolved a lot. They are more understanding, open minded and rational.

Ok, time for me to go! My owner will soon be here. I’d rather you not mention this meeting to anyone though, as that could put you in an embarrassing situation. No one wants be to the person who hallucinates during office hours.