Alright folks, this is my first list type post. Hope you like it. I really do. Please like it? Please? Plee-he-he-he-eeeez! *burst into fit of uncontrollable sobs*  Why won’t you hug me dad? Why?

Yes. So the dad angle was essential to build up to what follows, I look up to some of these fictional characters and the actors who play them like I would and do my dad. Okay? Okay. Good talk.


Ron Fucking Swanson

Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson is indubitably the coolest indifferent there can be. Every boy in his teens and aspiring lesbians everywhere should look up to him, say the things he does and strive to one day eat as much meat as he does in a day. Despite his outwardly appearance, Ron is a caring friend, skilled woodworker and skilled lover. As most men on this list are. Contrary to most men in real life. Am I right ladies?


Harvey Specter


Mr. Cocky Lawyer as I like to call him. Okay maybe this has more to do with me just being totally over actors who play great on-screen lawyers but Harvey Specter takes it to a whole new level. Bear in mind that comparisons are often made with the likes of Denny Crane, Alan Shore and Eugene Young so it’s not always easy to topple the bar or even live up to it. Granted that Suits is a different kind of legal drama, it’s definitely one of the best of all time. If you don’t watch it, start soon. You have about 2 incredible seasons to bring you up to speed. Damn, I wish I were you right now.


Phil Dunphy

Phil Dunphy

Modern Family is the best comedy on TV right now. Period. Largely because of Phil Dunphy. I don’t need say more. You know what I’m talking about.


Jeff Bingham

Jeff Bingham

A role almost tailor made for Patrick Warburton. Jeff Bingham is the poor man’s Ron Swanson. The deadpan delivery, the condescending friendships, he symbolises “Men will be men”. Rules of Engagement may not be the best sitcom there ever was and maybe no one will remember it 20 years from now but it’s on TV right now and it’s damn funny. I used to pretend to watch it for Bianca Kajlich but now I’m reasonably certain I watch it for Jeff Bingham. There’s no shame in it. Haters can hate.


Barney Stinson


A few years back, when this cool website you’re at was only a brainfart and nothing more, Barney Stinson would probably have been #1 by a longshot. For a long time now, Barney Stinson is the only reason me and probably half the people who still watch How I Met Your Mother and hate themselves for it. Still adorable, Still funny and perhaps the most subtly evolved character on a long running sitcom.


Shawn Spencer


Speaking of characters that have evolved, Shawn Spencer, psychic detective and his cop girlfriend will make you go aww! in a very non-homosexual way. Much the same way him and Gus will. Psych is a one of its kind show. Watch Psych. It’s nice. It’s just a nice show.




What Louis C.K. lacks in abs and hair, he more than makes up for with brain and then some. Louie is the benchmark for comedy shows in the 2010s. Only a phenomenal stand-up like Louis C.K. can be as self deprecating and yet undeniably funny. It’s real, it’s nothing like you’ve seen before and it takes you to places you didn’t think funny could. You need to watch Louie man. You just do.


Bill Hader


Saturday Night Live has a long list of brilliant actors who could walk in and out of this list like it’s nobody’s business but Bill Hader is consistently funny in all his sketches and is wasted in movies. He’s a great live performer and the best thing to happen to SNL since Will Ferrell.


Charlie Goodson

Charlie Goodson

Anger shrink Charlie Goodson, in therapy himself is funny, errant and often times incorrigible but no one pulls it all off with the ease that Charlie Sheen does. The jokes may seem played out but they genuinely are funny. His chemistry with Selma Blair (therapist/lover) is refreshing and at times surreal. Watch the show solely for them, watch it if you’re a sitcom fan like I am. Charlie Sheen has shown that Two and a half men is shit without him and he truly is #winning.


Tyrion Lannister


The coolest midget in all the seven kingdoms. Tryion Lannister adds to Game of thrones just about everything it needs to be perfect. The swagger, the moral compass, the snide, yet charming wit on demand makes him a magnificent man on TV. With him I conclude this list. The first of many more to come.