Now now, I know what you’re thinking. Given my recent writings and the fact that I recently turned single this post is gonna be about some flousy who walked out on me in the dark of the night. No no. When have I ever been that predictable?

The answer, good sirs is never. I’m spontaneity incarnate. I’m not gonna blog the next day about some random one night stand. No no, I’m not that white trash.

This post is merely a collection of folks who I like to call Khisakzaade. They meet every week to discuss their sexcapades. Like at a support group. In fact, it is a support group.

Ryan was a pornstar in the 80s. His big move was going to his co-stars greenroom and saying this: “Look, I’m a thorough professional. In the interest of good adult cinema, I’d like to examine your clit so I don’t fumble on camera.”

It worked more often than you think. Say what you will, but it’s hard to not be turned on when a man you’re about to fuck is examining your genitals. It’s even harder when he’s got a moustache like Ron Swanson (like pornstars did, back then, and women did too, just around a different set of lips) and abs of steel. Yup. In many ways, Ryan was a through professional. He spent 12 hours at the gym every week and the rest, having sex. Either on camera, or off it. Then word got out that he’s just a perv who likes to sleep with his co-stars. Well, when you’ve slept with 265 of 410, word tends to spread. As do genital warts. Ryan had to quit the porn business in 95 when he was 44 and at the peak of his career and still a few years away from male menopause. Ryan eloped to India in the hope of not being recognized there and live a life of quite masturbation and peace. Yes, retired pornstars aren’t all that different from from you and I.

The 80’s was a time when Porn was not yet a business. (at this point, i’d like to coin the jisness. I think it’s pretty self explanatory)

But nuff about Ryan. lets take Khisakzaade #2. Pandey. No one knew what his first name was. For most people, he was just Pandey. Pandey was just a perv. He came to these things just hear about people’s tales of sexual dysfunction and gratification. Pandey was not a nice man. He never took the podium. Never “shared with the group”. No one knew what he did and as per rules of the group, he was never forced to share. That’s all about Pandey, for now. By all means though, give him a first name that you see fit. It really doesn’t matter to me or to Pandey.