The Comedy Store is an institution for aspiring comics everywhere in the world. Only a few years ago, I was at Palladium and I saw it for the first time. Little did I know that some day, not too far into the future, I’d walk in wearing a crisp black shirt, sleeves rolled up, take the microphone over from Tanmay Bhat and perform a four minute set in front of an audience that paid to be there.

A picture of Eddie Izzard with a fan on the wall outside the store caught my eye. When I went in to register at the Box Office, a blue plastic bracelet was bestowed upon me that granted me free access. Eddie Izzard must’ve worn one such bracelet once.

I’m still very new at comedy and I was gonna take a hiatus after the store to come up with some new, kickass material. But now I think I’ll just carry on doing comedy for just a little longer. It’s too much fun to take a break just yet.

This is a very homosexual post.