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Present me, is writing this in the hope that, future me would be the proud owner of Morphine’s discography. Yes, I’m currently hooked on to it thanks to The Stolen Coffee Room and the fact that my bro has been my enabler, certainly hasn’t helped. Look at what you’ve done Siddhant! You have made me work for music! Coming back to the post, I was asked to write something wacky(but you know me Sid. I don’t really do wacky but then again, I don’t do alcohol either(God! I’m rambling. Also, I need to attend Parentheses Anonymous.))

This was supposed to be a note from Present me to Future me, say 10 years down the line. If you expect it to be wise and philosophical,then well, don’t hold your breath. At 21,I at the most can be a wise-ass,despite me acting and thinking otherwise. But yes,I do have dreams or rather hopes and this post will act as a time capsule of sorts. So,considering that I am alive at 30(who said I couldn’t be morbid?) there are a few things that I hope I would have done by then.

1)    Understand humans think, act and learn how to make use of that knowledge. As wrong as it may sound, I think there is nothing more useful or awe-worthy as mind bending or pushing as they call it. To unravel the depths of the human mind. How fascinating!

2)    Surround myself with interesting people from all walks of life. People who’ll make me push through and break free from my set ways of thinking, who’ll help me look at things differently and most importantly tell me when I start to regress or close my mind.

3)    Travel. As much as possible. Learn a new language. Visit some really small, picturesque village and stay there for a month.

4)    Do something that scares the shit out of me once every 4 months. Nothing works as well as conquering fear does. It isn’t just about the adrenaline that will course through my veins but also the sheer exhilaration of doing something that I would have previously thought impossible.

5)    Fall in love. Then fall out of it but not give up on hope.

6)    Work enough to live comfortably but not so much that I lose track of who I really am. The girl who loves to read,take long walks, share a cup of coffee with a friend who helps me grow.

7)    Oh,and own that aforementioned discography of Morphine.

P.S –Frankly speaking,this post wouldn’t have seen the light of the day if it weren’t for Sid. It most certainly isn’t as good as yours but thanks for helping me break my own barriers. *high five*

Bharathi Bala, for The High Man.

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