People thrive on idiocy. Don’t they? It’s almost as if they think no one’s watching even when they know everyone is. if you’ve added everyone you ever knew in your life on Facebook, it comes with a price. You cant post racy shit, or racist shit, for that matter.

Unless you have really cool relatives. Which, lets face, none of us really do.

So shut up about the “cute couple caught making out on hidden cam” video that you saw via some app on Facebook.  You know Facebook, they’ll publicize every iota of your social activity and broadcast it across the news feeds of everyone you ever knew. And make no mistake about it, EVERYONE will see it. Sooner rather than later. Facebook is an unforgiving mistress. Facebook is the Christian Grey of social media. It’s not a porn website, it’s worse.

Look, I get it. We’re all pervs. Everyone likes to watch dirty things. But we do it anonymously and privately. Not on fucking Facebook.

Think about it. Our generation could only speculate about all the dirty stuff our parents did but wont allow us to do because they’re all paranoid hypocrites. Our kids will have legit proof of our wrong doings! They’ll interrogate us – “So dad, you mean to say you lied in this tweet about being and i quote, ‘so shitfaced right now!! cant believe i just had 16 T shots!! happy 17th birthday to meee!!’ Well, methinks not” (Yes. I predict that Elizabethan will take over after we’re done with this subnormal illiteracy otherwise known as the sms lingo fad. It’s gonna be the ‘it’ thing in a few decades. Its symbolic of how we’ll eventually go back back to the stone age. It’s a theory I spawned whilst inebriated)

Just think.

At this point, let me introduce to you for the very second time, Equalia – Where humans only interact on the internet. Everyone’s a walking WiFi device. Where you can say or post or vlog or blog or tweet or whatever the fuck they do on Orkut and Google+, without any judgment or persecution. Where you can call Bal Thackeray a s***@#&^#**$ *&^*%}}#^**%#*$ *$[#%**&}|{$%#*%! (Censored. Visible only in Equalia)



Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth

Come with me, to Equalia. We’ll shoot unicorns together then eat their meat. Because we can. In Equalia.