Do I wanna be like Kurt Cobain? Sure. Sure I do. If you’ve lived a 100 years of life in 27, then why not? If you’ve experienced a lifetime’s worth of emotions in just 27 years, then why the hell not? Worth a thought, isn’t it?

I was 19. It was my first gig. As I watch this now, severely humbled, i ask myself…as the guy who rendered this song’s worst ever impression, “just how did you think you could be this guy? just who the fuck do you think you are? you’re not even a fragment of his virtuoso”

I’m sorry I sang your song in a public forum Kurt Cobain. And I’m sorry I was so cocky about it.

I had an incredible day today. And during some of the most memorable conversations I’ve had, the absence of pen and paper or some form of recording device seemed wasteful. In view of this, I’ve decided to blog every day, (or at the very least try). Regardless of whether there’s people reading.