Hello blog. We meet again. I see you’ve gotten more hits. And you’re looking nicer. You’ve got your shit together. Or should I say, my shit together.

So, what do we talk about this time? There’s actually plenty to talk about, isn’t there? Let’s start with Mike Tyson. How sad that this man who’s won 50 of his 58 fights, 44 of those by knockout, has been reduced to a pathetic caricature of himself.

You see, I own a heavy bag that I punch. I’ve had my share of bloody knuckles. I respect that record and anyone who takes punches to the jaw. But I saw him in The Hangover and I was like okaaay…

But then I saw him on Charlie Sheen’s roast and it was plain sad. He had no business being there. It was ridiculous and pathetic. And now this hogwash about catching Brad Pitt with his wife in bed. Clearly Mike, there’s few boundaries you respect and personal space is a concept you don’t understand (just ask Evander Holyfield) but the face tattoo, the sad cameo on Entourage, the roast…you have issues man. Seek help.

On an unrelated note, I’d like to be roasted sometime. Just saying. Since we’re talking about this and my birthday is a week away my roast dream team would be Sriram, Prashant, Anusha, Juzer, Yash, Aziz and my mom. Fuck man…my mom would roast the shit out of me. I’d sooner have Mike Tyson bite off a piece of my ear.

Now then blog, what else? It is a travesty that we live in an age where Twilight is bigger hit than Skyfall. I mean given, Daniel Craig looks like Tintin on a testosterone injection. But it is a travesty, nonetheless. And speaking of travesties, JUDY DENCH!


I mean given, Daniel Craig looks like  Tintin on a testosterone injection

I’d also like to make a special mention here about the guard of honor Ricky Ponting got from South Africa. Graeme Smith, you’re such a heart winner.


And really Paris Hilton who are you fooling? Puh-leez.