One of those eternally moral grey areas, isn’t it? I read somewhere that Lord Ram ate meat. Well, I wouldn’t blame him. One doesn’t just live in the jungle amongst monkeys and not eat meat. I’m not saying meat is bad. But it has almost universally been proved that vegetarian food makes for a healthier lifestyle. But I’ma stop. Before this turns into a lecture.

Someone I know defines murder as “murder-To kill unlawfully and with premeditation. Killing a chicken(for eg) isnt unlawful and noone plots to murder a chicken!”

Well, unlawful or not, the people who do kill chickens, wake up in the morning knowing they’re gonna kill chickens today. We don’t eat chickens that were accidentally killed in battle or something. So much for premeditation.

Let’s face it, it’s not like Venky’s is doing the chickane thing by running an NGO that performs the last rites of chickens that died after fighting against breast cancer. If slaughter houses ran only on cows that accidentally died, beef would cost more than caviar. And don’t even get me started pork.

As far as the lawfulness of it goes, well, dead chickens don’t get a trial, do they? No lawyer ever stood up in open court and said the words “Your honor, members of the jury, my client was murdered for being a chicken. His only crime was that he wasn’t born the same as the rest of us. This is hate crime. SHAME upon thee non-vegetarians!”

And PETA is just a bunch of pot smoking hippies, aren’t they? Well, she didn’t get that body by eating a steak cooked in lard and served with a dollop of grease.

So yeah, killing a chicken is more often than not, premeditated and there are few people who care about chicken’s rights. Pretty damn convenient, huh?

Who’s #Lawyered now?