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Clandestinely he slithered into her room as she lay asleep. On some level, she too could feel him drawing closer. She moved a little and one of the thin satin sheets covering her slipped off. He grew nervous and his heart skipped a beat. If she woke up and saw him from a distance, she would resist him. It had to be just right. There was no need to panic he thought, she’s still fast asleep. He inched closer. The beads of sweat lined on his forehead disappeared. It was cold. He wondered how she didn’t feel it. He was wearing a turtleneck and a jacket that he took off and slowly placed on the carpet. Then he slithered into her bed without disturbing a thing. There was pin drop silence and it was cold as fuck. His nuts shrunk and stood their ground. His heart was throbbing as he grew closer to her. He was like a viper, stalking his prey, ready for attack, ready to poison her, with his noxious venom. It had to be now.

She was still asleep but her body grew warmer. Her mind could sense another presence in the vicinity. Perhaps it was fear that kept her from confronting what it was. She was now distinctly aware that someone was in her bed, lying right next to her, pressing a portion of the second sheet restricting its frictionless movement. She felt her thighs feel the chill in the air. Reluctantly, she extended her arm and felt his ribs. He said nothing and continued looking at her, unmoved. She opened one eye slightly and saw a blurry image of him, looking at her. She remained calm.

He could see her nipples erect, hard like marbles. He wanted to rub them on his eyes, lips, caress her breasts with his beard, then squeeze them till she writhed in pain but pleaded him to keep going. The pink satin sheets now stained around her thighs. To put it crudely, she was in heat. And all he had done was look at her. That and, climb up the fire escape and climb into her window on the twenty seventh floor, completely obliterating the restraining order. He hadn’t touched her. His jeans were still on, getting tighter as she curled up and let her abdominal muscles make her convulse with anticipation and pleasure. At any moment now, he could have his way with her as he had so many times before and she wouldn’t protest. At any moment now, she would let out the subtle moan of climax that he learnt to recognize over the years and to differentiate between the ostentatious and the involuntary. Her hand was now buried deep between her legs and she looked like she was having a seizure. Her other hand grabbed her left breast and her teeth sunk into the pillow for lack of anything else. When she was finished, she spread her legs out, extended her arms, the sheets lying on the floor where his jacket and turtleneck were. There were tiny red scars on her breast where her nails had dug into the flesh. She opened her eyes, he had gone. She soon realized, he was never there.