There’s no two ways about it. Salman Khan got lucky. With Wanted. Then again with Dabangg. Then again with Ready. Then again with Bodyguard. And now, yet again, with Ek Tha Tiger. Which raises the question – “Hey, wait a minute. Can one man just keep getting lucky or is there more to it? There’s got to be.”

Let’s evaluate. This man, who ran over humans whilst driving drunk, did jail time for shooting a blackbuck, is notorious for having spats with industry stalwarts and really sucking at relationships with some of the most beautiful women of their time. And perhaps the worst of them all, that incorrigible fake accent. Let’s face it, Salman Khan is not who your parents wanted you to grow to be as a kid. But again, somewhere the lure of 5 consecutive 150 crore+ grossing films may change their mind.

Then why? Why all the love for the star of really bad, retrograde cinema that’s essentially a step above dubbed Kollywood films? I mean, it really can’t be how cool he is with all his macho stunts and uber-awesome on-screen persona. Because Vivek Oberoi tried that in Prince. And it really didn’t work (which, btw would make for a great “how to do it right and how not to” article). It’s certainly not his co-stars – Ayesha Takia in Wanted, Sonakshi Sinha in Dabangg or Asin in Ready. Nor is it the supporting cast, *cough* Arbaaz Khan. So we’re right back to square one.

In conclusion, let’s just call it really really good luck and hope this triumph of human spirit continues just a little bit longer till it inevitably runs its course.