You will need:

1.  Leftover oregano and chilly flakes sachets from the last time you ordered pizza (preferably all of them).

2.  Sachets of chilly sauce &/or soya sauce &/or chilly water &/or schezwan sauce from the last time you ordered Chinese food.

And or stole when the last time you went to a restaurant. But in those quantities. No more, no less. If you take a jar of chilly flakes or a bottle of sauce or for god’s sake USE KETCHUP, I’m not responsible. You figure out the proportions of the ingredients by trial and error.

3.  Potatoes, chopped into 4 pieces each.

Good. Now mix up all the ingredients in a large plastic bowl. Add a dollop of butter (optional). Stick it in the microwave for 6 minutes straight.

Take  it out. Stir the potatoes. Put it back in for another 2 minutes. Trust me.

They’re probably done by now. Let em cool. Serve lukewarm.

P.S: Best thing to eat when you’re high and the fridge is empty. (Or you emptied it, as the case may be)