AIESEC! This is the point where you’re supposed to say “What’s up” and honor my AIESEC. Like when the Commander of the armed forces salutes the President, the President salutes back, it’s exactly like that.

Anyway, I’m writing about my first experience with aiesec. Not just any aiesec, aiesec navi Mumbai. (Notice how I used small caps this time? It was intentionally done to prevent us from getting into an uncontrollable chain reaction of AIESEC-What’s ups). So yeah, aiesec. It’s actually pretty great. In fact, I have friends ho believe that its best thing to have happened to them since they were vaccinated for small-pox. They’re not really my friends, but it goes against aiesec’s social fabric to call them anything else.

Here’s a great thing about aiesec – it’s never the same old song and dance. Except of course when it’s the same old song and dance time. They call it jive. You’re supposed to jive. Even f you have polio, even if your mom died while dancing or your father abandoned you as a child to go be a dancer. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST DANCE. WITH EVERYONE. PERIOD.

But its not all bad. Aiesec is in a 110 countries. Considering the fact that only 12 odd play cricket, that’s a lot. Every now and then, someone from some country will pop by, just to say hello and mooch off aiesec members. I mean look, I’m bored. Sometimes I jerk off like thrice a day. But I wouldn’t go to someone else’s country, get bored there and recruit others like me. To leave their education and family commitments and just dance around while acting like I’m doing something really serious. That’s terrorism. That’s how they recruit for fucking jihads.
The first day I turned up, there was some meeting. It was supposed to be really important and shit. Like that meeting was supposed to set the tone for future meetings for us. We spent the whole coloring chart paper, listening to people my age yap about their aiesec experiences, eating fried rice and in general doing nothing productive. It was fun. No, it was not.

But at least I learnt how to navi. So I’m #winning.