Even though I’m hardly a writer, I exhibit all the well documented symptoms that most writers do. I’m a narc and yet terribly insecure about my work but most of all, we have this need to be appreciated and exalted as the best or right up there among the best. We want constant validation for our work, even if we don’t need it.

I didn’t feel this way till I saw Capote. The guy pays a butler to complement his work in front of this other woman. And then I realized…I totally get it! It’s pathetic, but true. We need that constant approval. Funny story about Capote, I actually saw a mention of it on Joey and then I googled and turns out, this is a pretty damn good movie! So I download a Blu-ray rip and start watching.

Now this is one of those movies you can’t watch in one go. Or to frame it less narcissistically, I’m one of those people who can’t watch a movie like this in one go. There. That sounds much better. But I will watch it. Unless it’s a really sucky movie or book, I finish it. I always finish it. I’m a finisher like that. (PS: When I’m down there too. I always finish.)

So yeah. After I’m done writing this, I will watch the movie in installments of 20 minutes each. Or maybe I’ll watch the whole thing in one shot. Who knows. Who cares.

I’m thinking about starting a podcast. Have guests on the show. It should be cool. But I need some good equipment for that. Which I don’t currently own. Which is surprising because I’m a vocalist…sort of. But yeah. Podcast. Coming soon. Finisher.