Funny thing…how human rights are only for those who are oppressed and victimized. No one ever talks about the human rights of anyone who’s not bleeding or not behind bars or not keen on getting their 2 minutes of fame. It’s incredible how we’re so deeply concerned about the “human rights” of a man who repeatedly raped a minor and then proceeded to torture her and finally kill her in the most inhumane, savage way possible. It’s somehow against his “human rights” to be taken from the facility where he’s being held to the Court where he’s being tried for murder in the first degree handcuffed. His face is supposed to be covered because he has “human rights”.

What about the human rights to the constable and the police official who has to transport him from the facility to the courthouse? What about his human rights? If the convict escapes, they lose their jobs. Rapists and pedophiles have to be blindfolded and then taken to the public. Their faces have to be covered with a black cloth – a human rights mandate. The money for this black cloth comes from their pockets. The state or human rights pundits don’t provide a monthly supply of these cloths. When a minister’s car has to be checked, there is huge fuss. The minister feels violated and outraged that he too has to be scrutinized. People cringe when they’re asked to show their tickets. “Do I look like a cheat?” “Do I look like I’m carrying a bomb?” “What about my human rights?” is the usual attitude. What about the human rights of the man who has to feel up everyone walking through a door?

Recently, there was a huge furor about a homeless man getting beaten up mercilessly. And the question of his human rights was raised. Now, while I have a great deal of sympathy for the less fortunate and the homeless, they’re a bloody nuisance. And I simply refuse to believe that nothing can be done. And no sane man just beats up someone without a fair warning. There’s something homeless people don’t understand – YOU’RE HOMELESS, UNFORTUNATELY, THAT COMES WITH HAVING TO SACRIFICE A FEW LIBERTIES LIKE BEING STUBBORN. If a government official asks you to relocate, he’s not doing it to satisfy his whims. If a homeless man were to attack a woman or a child, HIS JOB WOULD BE AT STAKE. Why wasn’t he dumped at a shelter? Because the shelter wouldn’t have him. The shelters who would, would harvest his organs, against his wishes. Do they like beating up homeless people? No. but if a VVIP is in town and if a homeless creates a nuisance, a whole bunch of people lose their jobs. If someone, even one out of every million carries an explosive into a mall, all the security personnel get fired. Human rights, anyone?