This is wrt to the disgusting ministers who profess that women who wear *ahem* slutty clothes bring upon themselves the eve teasing and harassment.

They say beauty is better than wine because it intoxicates both, the holder and the beholder. But how much of a right does the beholder have to be intoxicated? Because you really can’t blame someone for what they do after they’re intoxicated. All of us who’ve ever been intoxicated will second that. But still, do we have a right to get intoxicated in the first place? The holder is fine; it’s his beauty to be intoxicated by. But the beholder, who often has no control over his throbbing loins must, at some point decide to get a grip over himself before he crosses that thin line that most of us do when we are in the process of getting intoxicated. At that point, the only thought that’s going through our minds is that too much of a good thing is an even better thing as we go one doing shot after shot, snort after snort, pill after pill, chasing orgasm after orgasm.

The recently convened slutwalk in our metros really brought into perspective a lot of disorganized ideas that were in my head since a long time. What business do we have, getting intoxicated by the beauty that we can only behold? Why not just look another way? You know, take the high road…

It’s really not about men. It’s about India. We live in a country where we appreciate a lot of things but are tolerant only to a few. We love women and are all for empowering them and giving them equal rights so that they stand with men, shoulder to shoulder. We see parents on reality shows after their daughter has just completed an act that the judges loved and claimed was the next big thing crying and declaring that they didn’t regret for one second not having had a son, that this right here is their son.

But yet we feel sick when we see a girl smoking by the side of the road. After all, she has to be a mother someday. We brand a girl we know absolutely nothing about as a ‘slut’ merely based on a picture of her, dancing in a slightly drunk state. What’s the big deal? It’s not the ultimate goal of a woman’s life to be a mother.

I’ve always maintained a curious opinion on the word ‘slut’. While its despicable to be a common whore who sells her body (irrespective of how pressing the circumstances may be and absolutely disregarding the notion that it’s the oldest profession we know of), it’s quite ok, in my personal opinion to be just that little bit slutty. It’s quite ok to dress up in a way that’s provocative and to some extent even stimulating. Again, and I cannot stress enough on this, that provided we do not act on it, unless completely sure that it’s the right thing to do. And even then, we must proceed cautiously and quickly retrace our steps even on the slightest of missteps. It is a woman’s right to dress the way she wants to, regardless of how provocative her attire may be. And it is utterly obstinate and chauvinistic to claim that if a woman dresses provocatively, she must be prepared to “bear the consequences”. It’s one thing for a woman to wear a slutty outfit and quite another to be a slut who’s looking for attention wherever she gets it and has no qualms about using her twin assets to procure said attention. But that’s not a distinction that men should get to make.

The occasional quick glance at her chest is okay but to stand there and ogle or even worse “mentally undress her and then proceed to do repugnant, unabashed things” to her even if only in your head is simply not within acceptable limits. Seek help.