They told me I was licentious, that I would maim several hearts

Charmer that I was and scores of ingénues crossed my paths

I could tame the shrew they said and many a shrew I had tamed

But this one girl, this enchantress, would be a conquest famed

She sauntered up to me and put her arms around me one time

Then she leaned in and stole my senses with her lips sublime

A loose tunic she wore that night, her breasts abreast, fully in show

My heart panted and there was something panting below also

I felt my mind lose its resolve, I found it easy to let my obstinacy forego

At that point in time there was no ambivalence, I just had to know

What her kiss felt like what her lips tasted like and how her skin felt

My heart would’ve broken but only those break that which don’t melt

I kissed her in the heat of the moment and before I could realize

My hands were inside her dress, feeling her body and I had to improvise

I didn’t plan for this liaison; I didn’t think it would happen

So when I finally had my moment of triumph, I was caught nappin’

It may be hard to believe but this kiss wasn’t my finest hour

I wanted to take her by the waist, hold her tight and her lips devour

Many a rendezvous I had had with many a woman clement

But I was nervous about this and decisively out of my element

In my time of need, my powers had deserted me and left me to burn

Sound vaguely familiar of the eldest Pandav, the philanthropist Karna?

Let’s not drift away like I did when I kissed her for the first time ever

I asked for her permission and in hindsight, that wasn’t very clever

I should’ve just gone for it and showed her what it was like

To experience a man for all he was worth or go take a hike

That’s a lot easier said than done because although I have a way with girls

It’s in my inherent nature to be chivalrous and that’s how the story unfurls

We could bicker now and argue over who made the first move

Or we could look past the points either one of us has to prove

And see for ourselves how horribly meant to be this was indeed

So instead of sitting on the fence and resisting it, let’s say godspeed!

We went for it, this time both of us simultaneously as if it were a contest

Our lips locked together into one, nothing could split us, not even a tempest

Those few seconds of ephemeral rapture, those moments were fleeting

Our hearts were so close together, it was as if they were resonating

Her limbs so limber and her lissome body so unspoiled and voluptuous

I could make music and write songs for her but I was too callous and promiscuous

As I curled up in my bed when she was gone and all was done but nothing was said

I played my saxophone in the wee hours of that night; my fervor nearly resurrected the dead

I lit up a thin cigarette and thought to myself that our affair was still inchoate

I was pensive as I reminisced and to this cause a whole cigarette I did immolate

I watched it burn from whole to end and many a cinder in the wind did scatter

Melancholy filled my heart the next day when she confessed to me that it didn’t matter